Episode 7- Spotlight on Paul, the Apostle

Nobody is beyond Redemption.

We’re starting a new series on The Christian Circle Podcast. It’s a series on saints. There’s plenty to learn from them. Let’s face it, all of us are striving to be saints and who better to learn from? While we will steer clear of the controversies, our main focus will be their ministries. We hope you enjoy this series in addition to our regular podcasts.

In this episode, Pamela talks to Charles Johnston (nowthatimcatholic.wordpress.com) about the life of Paul the Apostle. Charles has been on the show before.  And since many of you loved his show, we decided to ask to join us in making this series.
Talking about Paul.

Charles shares about zealous Paul’s Jewish background. He also talks about Paul’s turning point on the road to Damascus, how we can emulate the apostle and what major lessons can be learned form Paul’s ministry.


He highlights a few things about Here’s the show:

1.Paul’s teachers and his education

2. Why Paul’s conversion became such a great conversion story

3. His effectiveness in ministry and the period of waiting.

4. Lessons for all of us from his life

5. Literature sources and where you can read more about Paul, the Apostle.

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Show notes:

We’ve created a presentation that you could use. It also contains Caravaggio’s famous painting of Saul’s conversion.

For show notes just click on CC option of YouTube and you should be able to read the entire show.


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