Book Trailer: Ten Reminders for the Single Christian Woman & Free Calendar

My Book Trailer is here!

I’m sooooo excited. As you can tell, I’m very happy. This weekend, my book trailer got ready. Thanks to Martins Godainis for this awesome trailer. For my new readers, let me tell you. Ten Reminders for the Single Christian Woman will be out on July 6th. This is my second book in the Ten Reminder Series.

Tell me what you think. Your feedback is invaluable to me. You know I’ve created my own book trailer before. But this one is awesome! Speaking of book trailers, please share this trailer with every single Christian woman. The trailer itself, contains all the reminders so it could very encouraging to someone going through a hard time.

In order to celebrate the release of my trailer, I’ve made PDF calendars for the remainder of the year with messages from my book. So get your FREE CALENDAR 2017 and print it  to your specifications.

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