QMC 10 – Vaccination or no Vaccination

Dr RD wants me to make a case for vaccination. "I'm a pediatrician. I have a couple of parents who want to delay polio vaccination indefinitely. It's freaking me out, because there's no reasoning with them. I've explained to them that they're putting thousands of children at risk. But they refuse to budge. I mean [...]

QMC-9 Bad Attitude among Doctors

Whoa! Bad attitude among doctors. Hot button issue. I got a question from a very fresh doctor who hasn't become jaded by medicine.  So he had this question. "I notice that many doctors, especially higher up in the hierarchy have very bad attitude. Almost to the point where they assume everyone is their slave. What [...]

QMC 8 – Help, My patient is freaking out over package inserts!

Package insert causing mayhem! Haha. It's weird how this question came in. Dr. MC, says, "My patient was prescribed textbook medications for his condition. He's read the package insert and he's freaking out. How can I convince him that this is what's best for him!" Why is this question weird, you ask? Because as of [...]

Symhealth 2017-Healthcare in a Globalizing world

As you may have seen on social media I was a delegate at Symhealth 2017. It was a conference at Lavale, Pune organized by Symbiosis International University. The theme "Healthcare in a Globalizing world." There was plenty on offer in terms of new and fresh perspectives. So departing from my usual QMC posts I decided to share [...]

QMC 7 What to do if my patient wants to pursue alternative medicine?

Dr SF sent in this question. What to do if my patient wants to pursue alternative medicine? Allopathy is no longer the ONLY succor of the masses. In 2008, approximately 38 percent of adults in the United States aged 18 years and over and nearly 12 percent of U.S. children aged 17 years and under [...]

QMC 6 What to do if a colleague has an addiction?

I received this question without any additional details and it's perfectly understandable, but it would've helped to know a few details. My first question would be to what? All of us are addicted to something. Some to coffee, mobile phones, the internet, exercise, and then the usual bad guys drugs, cigarettes and alcohol. An ugly [...]