Q 17 – Talking to Patients about a Living Will

How to talk to patients about a living will? So this week's post is in response to the flood of emails I received on the Supreme Court petition filed by the Government of India and it's ruling. Everyone kept texting and writing saying, "have you see this?" And I had to take time to read [...]

Q 16- Why do I have to teach medical students?

Why do I have to teach medical students? Dr JI asks this question. "Recently our practice has signed up as a preceptor for students as a way of increasing revenue. We have to take on a number of students, and teach them. I don't see the point to this and I'm wondering why should we [...]

QMC 15 – How do I enroll people for clinical trials?

How do I enroll people for clinical trials? Dr EJ sent me a question about clinical trials. "I partnered with a pharma company to bring this amazing treatment for Hepatitis C to the country. It's a proven treatment in big trials in the West. I'm having trouble enrolling people for these studies. How do I [...]


"How do you handle ladies' days on duty?" Dr. OG has a very important question. She says, "I've started a surgical residency and I can't tell you how frustrating it is to deal with ladies' days. I've spotted, stained, been caught unaware, you name it,  it has happened to me. How am I supposed to [...]

QMC- 13- The Celebrity Tag & Humility

How do I stop the celebrity tag from getting to my head Dr DL has an unusual question about celebrity tags. "I'm a super-specialist. One of a kind at my institution. I've kind of developed a celebrity status. Nurses make way for me, I'm allowed ahead of the queue at the cafeteria and if I'm [...]

QMC-12- Advice to new Interns

"My first day and I went crazy. Any advice?" This question cracked me up because it reminded me of my first day as a clerk. Dr. AG asks, "I just started as an intern and I feel like I don't know anything. the medical students seem to know more than me. My first day and [...]