Q 19 Handling Competition

Competition: How to eliminate them? This week I'm back with a new question. I've been busy with our new Giftmas tour, my guest posts and choosing a stethoscope. I've been thinking of choosing the Classic Littmann or the MDF instrument in rose gold. I've finally managed to sift through my emails, almost forty of them for a [...]

Have you heard of ZDoggMD?

Four years ago, my boss showed me a YouTube video of ZDoggMD, a doctor creating music videos to create awareness about various health problems. It was fun, refreshingly honest and quite sarcastic. Needless to say, he used popular songs to highlight health issues and the parodies were hilarious.   Here's an example on the opioid [...]

Q 18 Political Correctness in Doctor Patient Conversations

"Do I always have to be politically correct?" Dr PS sent in this question last week. Of late I've realized with younger generations of patients communication seems to be misunderstood. My patient's are offended if I tell them they're fat or if they're smokers or addicts. My question is why can't I be honest? Do [...]

Q 17 – Talking to Patients about a Living Will

How to talk to patients about a living will? So this week's post is in response to the flood of emails I received on the Supreme Court petition filed by the Government of India and it's ruling. Everyone kept texting and writing saying, "have you see this?" And I had to take time to read [...]

Q 16- Why do I have to teach medical students?

Why do I have to teach medical students? Dr JI asks this question. "Recently our practice has signed up as a preceptor for students as a way of increasing revenue. We have to take on a number of students, and teach them. I don't see the point to this and I'm wondering why should we [...]

QMC 15 – How do I enroll people for clinical trials?

How do I enroll people for clinical trials? Dr EJ sent me a question about clinical trials. "I partnered with a pharma company to bring this amazing treatment for Hepatitis C to the country. It's a proven treatment in big trials in the West. I'm having trouble enrolling people for these studies. How do I [...]