If you've been to listening to our podcasts, then you've heard my tentative release date. My book is out for pre-order, now It's confirmed! July 6, 2017 is our official publication date. I'm so happy, because despite all the obstacles I can see God's hand working behind the scenes. He's led me to the right [...]

Why Every Writer Must Read!

What? Writers can't find time to write and now you want us to read? I believe it was Stephen King in his famous book "On Writing," who said, "If you want to be a reader you must do two things: Read a lot and write a lot." Never have I been more convinced than this [...]

The Power of the Written Word

  From Shakespeare to Kafka, Plato to Sigmund Freud, Thomas Aquinas  to Yeats, the written word has had the power to change the world. And change the world they did with their wonderful work.  All through a few hundred or thousand choice words. As writers, it's easy to dismiss ourselves as insignificant. It's easy to [...]

Episode 8 – How to build a good Christian Marriage?

"To exclude God from marriage would be foolish." Mary Kate Sparrow is a wife and a mother to four sons ages 6-14. She has been married to her husband, Justin, for 16 years and together they have helped prepare well over one thousand couples for the Sacrament of Marriage for the Diocese of Arlington in [...]

QMC 10 – Vaccination or no Vaccination

Dr RD wants me to make a case for vaccination. "I'm a pediatrician. I have a couple of parents who want to delay polio vaccination indefinitely. It's freaking me out, because there's no reasoning with them. I've explained to them that they're putting thousands of children at risk. But they refuse to budge. I mean [...]

My Tips for Writing a Synopsis

The dreaded synopsis. A few days ago I had to write a synopsis for a proposal. This wasn't the one page synopsis that you count each word and have to fit it in two pages. This is the long form where you provide a chapter by chapter breakdown of the entire book. But, it's not [...]

QMC 10- Med Reps: Are they worth the time in a busy practice?

Question from Dr. Y, C. "I spend long hours at the clinic and then a harrowing day at wards before clinics again. Imagine when after clinics I have a queue of thirty odd med reps, vying for my attention. I spend an additional forty minutes listening and honestly most of the time just shaking my [...]