Dangerously attractive businessman, Charles Kilbrooke is hunting the arsonist that killed his fiancée in Castlerea. Blaming himself for her death, he returns to the small Irish town with a ruthless plan. He refuses to succumb to the exotic beauty whose creating mayhem in his life.

Anika Bassein has changed everything about her past. She wants nothing to do with fire ever since her parents B&B was set ablaze. When she sees an ad with free lodging in an obscure holiday town, she accepts. She's aware of the charged atmosphere crackling with her handsome neighbor.

But where there’s fire, there’s smoke…

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Music from Nightwish - Elan 

This was my background music while writing this book. Hope you like it!

An Early Review

This was such a great book!! Good job! Do you plan for this to be a series? I could see it becoming a series. Some background on the O’Sullivans would be kind of cool to learn about. Great job again!! - Jeanette Cornforth

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