Episode 5 Keeping the Lenten fire burning after Easter!



In this episode, I talk to popular blogger, Charles Johnston about the three pillars of Lent and how to keep up our Lenten practices long after Lent is over.

Charles Johnston is a father and husband in Phoenix, Arizona. His conversion journey has taken years, as he felt God pulling him toward His Church but he resisted until he couldn’t take it anymore. He gave in and fell in love with His Church.  He blogs for ‘Now that I’m catholic’ where you can find his post on the three pillars of Lent.


Charles answers questions about:

  • The three pillars of Lent.
  • How to increase prayer during Lent?
  • How abstinence makes us more spiritually aware?
  • The true spirit of alms giving
  • How do we keep up our Lenten practices after Easter

According to him, “You’ve got to take baby steps. Pick one prayer habit, give up one bad habit, and give five bucks extra.”

You can reach him on Facebook and Twitter @et_in_ecclesia

Image: CC0 Creative Common License, Pixabay.com

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