Episode 8 – How to build a good Christian Marriage?

"To exclude God from marriage would be foolish." Mary Kate Sparrow is a wife and a mother to four sons ages 6-14. She has been married to her husband, Justin, for 16 years and together they have helped prepare well over one thousand couples for the Sacrament of Marriage for the Diocese of Arlington in [...]

Episode 7- Spotlight on Paul, the Apostle

Nobody is beyond Redemption. We're starting a new series on The Christian Circle Podcast. It's a series on saints. There's plenty to learn from them. Let's face it, all of us are striving to be saints and who better to learn from? While we will steer clear of the controversies, our main focus will be [...]

EPISODE 6 – Seeking the Holy Spirit’s Guidance in Fellowship

 "If you want to experience fellowship, then ask the Holy Spirit to show you and He will." In this episode, I talk to blogger and attorney, Maria Garabis Davis about fellowship and what it really entails. She talks in depth about seeking the Holy Spirit's guidance in experiencing and participating in fellowship. Maria Garabis Davis holds [...]

Episode 5 Keeping the Lenten fire burning after Easter!

  In this episode, I talk to popular blogger, Charles Johnston about the three pillars of Lent and how to keep up our Lenten practices long after Lent is over. Charles Johnston is a father and husband in Phoenix, Arizona. His conversion journey has taken years, as he felt God pulling him toward His Church but [...]

Episode 3 Three Tips for Christian Youth

In this episode, I talk to popular youth animator, Siana Dias about the youth and their approach to Christianity. Siana has been a youth animator for the last five years and is part of the Teaching team for Confirmation students at IC Church, Borivali, Mumbai. She's also completed her Bible study course and has been [...]

Episode 1 What? Who? Why?

This is the first podcast. Yay! So this is an introduction. Here are the show notes for the first episode. In this episode you'll hear: Why I started a podcast? -To encourage joyous happy Christians Who I'm going to invite? My friends, all Christians who've had their fair share of struggles How often are episodes [...]