EPISODE 6 – Seeking the Holy Spirit’s Guidance in Fellowship

 “If you want to experience fellowship, then ask the Holy Spirit to show you and He will.”

In this episode, I talk to blogger and attorney, Maria Garabis Davis about fellowship and what it really entails. She talks in depth about seeking the Holy Spirit’s guidance in experiencing and participating in fellowship.

Maria Grabis Davis on Fellowship

Maria G. Davis

Maria Garabis Davis holds a Juris Doctor degree and a BA in theology.former youth minister and now a practicing attorney, she is the founder and co-owner of the greeting card company Pio Prints (www.pioprints.com).  Maria resides in Columbus, Ohio, with her husband and four children. 


Maria answers questions about:

-Why fellowship is important?

-Keeping track of the fine line between concern and intrusion

-The indirect ways of fellowship

-Keeping fellowship still focused on God

-Seeking the Holy Spirit’s guidance through daily prayer.

-The balance between personal life and community fellowship

-If we should advertise it in our own churches.

She also gives practical tips on how working mothers and people with busy lives can contribute to the Church community, by responding to the needs of those around us.  One of the things that really touched me was her advice about seeing every person in the pew,  next to me as someone with their own struggles and problems. Maria advocates getting involved in the community, while knowing your station and what God is calling you to do every single day to build His church.

You can reach her on Facebook at Maria Garabis Davis  or email her mdavis@pioprints.com. You can also check out her post on Aleteia, titled, “Why are Catholics so notoriously bad at fellowship?”

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