EPISODE 13 – Can I Answer the Call to Martyrdom like Maximilian Kolbe?

“The most deadly poison of our times is indifference.” Maximilian Kolbe  

Answering the call to Martyrdom

Answering the call to Martyrdom

Charles Johnston is a father and husband in Phoenix, Arizona. His conversion journey has taken years, as he felt God pulling him toward His Church but he Talking about Paul.resisted until he couldn’t take it anymore. He gave in and fell in love with His Church.  He blogs for ‘Now that I’m catholic.wordpress.com’. In this episode, I talk to Charles, about the Apostle Peter, his ministry and transformation from a fisherman to fisher of men.


In this episode, I talk to Charles about saying yes to die for Christ like Christ. He talks about St. Maximilian Kolbe’s life and his choice to say yes to dying for a stranger during his imprisonment in Auschwitz.
He also explains how this priest accepted his call right from his childhood up to his death, following in the footsteps of Christ. Kolbe is a great example for suffering Christians all around the world today.
He teaches us how to make the ultimate sacrifice? Can you?

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Here’s the podcast. We don’t have a transcript this week. Let me know if you’d prefer reading.

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