Have you heard of ZDoggMD?

Four years ago, my boss showed me a YouTube video of ZDoggMD, a doctor creating music videos to create awareness about various health problems. It was fun, refreshingly honest and quite sarcastic. Needless to say, he used popular songs to highlight health issues and the parodies were hilarious.

ZDogg aka Dr. Zubin Damania (Pic: Courtesy of thedoctorparadox.com)


Here’s an example on the opioid crisis.

ZDoggMD aka Dr. Zubin Damania is an internist, founder of Turntable health and foremost an educator. This why I’m sharing this with you, my readers who look forward to reading the “Questions from the Medical Community” segment every month. I wanted to show you how a doctor can use his creativity and talent to create awareness to issues closest to his/her heart.

ZDoggMD experienced burnout and depression as a hospitalist during his decade long career at Standford and used these music videos as an outlet. He knew what working in a dysfunctional healthcare system was doing to him and he tried to find his own solution.

I get lots of emails, from doctors complaining about how emasculating the system can be, and if you look at this video, he talks about patients who yelp you and destroy your practice and how the administrators are only concerned about HCAHPS score and they should go run hotels. Either way, you have to find a solution. Doctors are individuals who are smart and intelligent. There’s no reason for you to be defeated by the system. Use your smarts and find a way to beat the system. ZDoggMD has been pretty fearless when it comes to big pharma and councils making mistakes. He’s been vocal, drawing attention to issues that are at the heart of health care.

And he’s been celebrated. His videos have garnered a quarter of a billions views, from patients and the medical community. Check out his videos and visit his website to learn more of what he does and how you can support him. He’s funny and definitely got a good singing voice.

This week I just wanted to show you how ZDoggMD in his own unique way helps the medical community. It may be haiku, or organic farming for you. Whatever is your talent, find a way to seek an outlet.

I will try and answer all the questions I receive, but honestly for the constant burnout that I keep reading about, I can only say, let it out.

Cheers everyone.



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