Have you heard of ZDoggMD?

Four years ago, my boss showed me a YouTube video of ZDoggMD, a doctor creating music videos to create awareness about various health problems. It was fun, refreshingly honest and quite sarcastic. Needless to say, he used popular songs to highlight health issues and the parodies were hilarious.   Here's an example on the opioid [...]


"How do you handle ladies' days on duty?" Dr. OG has a very important question. She says, "I've started a surgical residency and I can't tell you how frustrating it is to deal with ladies' days. I've spotted, stained, been caught unaware, you name it,  it has happened to me. How am I supposed to [...]

QMC 6 What to do if a colleague has an addiction?

I received this question without any additional details and it's perfectly understandable, but it would've helped to know a few details. My first question would be to what? All of us are addicted to something. Some to coffee, mobile phones, the internet, exercise, and then the usual bad guys drugs, cigarettes and alcohol. An ugly [...]

QMC 5 Should I invest in EMR?

I had a question from Dr. KC the other day,asking if he should invest in an EMR?   For those of you who're still stuck with paper and pen, then here's the low down. EMR is an Electronic medical record. All records are entered and stored on a centralized system. The EMR trend gained traction [...]

QMC 4 Should doctors accept social media “requests” from patients?

I had a feeling I was going to get this question sometime. So I wasn't surprised when Dr. AV asked me if it's okay to accept Facebook "friend requests" from patients. The answer is NO. Let's look at all the guidelines & statistics first. The BMJ research showed 73% of doctors surveyed had a Facebook [...]

QMC 4 Do doctors need to study?

Dr LC asked, "Do doctors study even while in practice and how do you go about it? Fantastic question. Any doctor worth his salt, knows he doesn't know everything. I mean the stuff we spill out in front of interns and med students, is the stuff we memorized last night or material that has been [...]