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Since I’m gearing up for the pub date of UNDER A SCOTTISH SKY on Sep 26th, 2017 I’m reaching out to reviewers. I’m also spreading the word that it’s 90 cents or 60INR until pub date.

Most authors write to people and reach out to readers. Over the past few days, I’ve scoured the net to get a reviewers list and I have to say sites valid a year ago are not anymore.

Romance Reviewers

Romance Reviewers

Some reviewers have been overwhelmed by requests, some have given it up and some are closed to requests. Others have a waiting period of two months. Needless to say I tried to compile a list so that the next time  it won’t be such a hassle locating them. See if this starter list can help you. If you do enjoy reading books and free books (I must say) then sign up as a reviewer on these sites. The one thing I noticed is that many big reviewer sites are always looking for readers.

If you know of a reviewer specifically for romance, then let me know. I’d be happy to add them to this list. If you are a reviewer and would like to be added to this list then leave a comment and I’ll be more than happy to add you.

This list is in no way exhaustive.  It is a starter list.


Also each of the sites listed here takes you to the policy page or the page where you can see the policy. Read it first. It’s important. I know many other sites where they wanted dark romances, paranormal romances or something very sub-genre or niche. This list is more wholesome. These sites are for a blanket of romances. Period.

Steps for Review Acceptance

– Write a Template Email

– Include Name of author, book, genre, word count, book links, book blurb, ASIN, Publisher’s name, date of publication

-Some have additional questions: Is it HEA? Is there cheating or death? Is it a series or standalone. Answer all these questions. Reviewers are busy people. Make it as easy as possible for them to pick up your book for review.

-Tell them what format you can send them, epub, mobi, pdf? Check what format they like to read. And try as much as possible to give them that format.

-Thank them. They don’t get paid for it. It’s a service they provide for free.

– Follow their feeds. Many will not inform you if they’re done with the review. You will just see it on social media.

-Don’t argue. If they will not put up a review on Smashwords, Kobo and Instagram and Snapchat or the gazillion other places don’t argue. It’s time consuming. Check the sites they do use and accept it.

-Accept the review. No matter what. Don’t defend yourself or blame them. Different people have different tastes. It won’t kill you.

-Please review other people’s books too at as many places as you can. Do unto others as you would have done unto you.

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