Make your Pap A Priority!

I recently wrote for about Pap Tests.  For those unaware, every 7 seconds a woman dies of cervical cancer. It is the third most common cancer among women today in India. And the worst part is that it’s entirely preventable.

Prioritize Your Pap

Prioritize Your Pap

I’m sharing my post on Pap tests and hope you can read my tips as you make your health check up a priority this year.

Here are a few statistics from the World Health Organization.

Here’s the post where I share my tips for your next Pap test.

If you have any questions then feel free to write to me and if you have any tips, then please share them with us. I believe we owe it to our fellow sisters to make them aware of cervical cancer and the risk it presents to women. During this month of cervical cancer awareness, let’s make women’s health a priority and get the Pap tests done.

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