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Giftmas! Yes, I’m back this year with a Christmas Tour with lots of goodies! Last year I participated in the 2016 Giftmas Tour arranged by renowned Canadian editor Rhonda Parrish. WE raised 500$ back then for those affected by the fires in Canada and it made me feel so happy. Last year there were few gifts, some crochet work done by Rhonda herself, yet we had so many donors.

This year Rhonda and all the participating authors have banded together to give away signed and unsigned copies of free books and other wonderful gifts for the winning donors. There are lots of gifts to be won this year and we hope the Edmonton Food Bank can provide many more meals this Christmas with the proceeds from our Giftmas Tour.

Giftmas 2017

Giftmas 2017 

So what are the prizes?

  • Tuckerization in Circle City Magic (Stephanie A. Cain)
  • Stickers (Stephanie A. Cain)
  • Paperback copies of the first four books in Amethir series (Stephanie A. Cain)
  • Signed copy of Chicken Soup for the Soul books (x2) (Beth Cato)
  • Two signed paperback copies of Vacui Magia (L.S. Johnson)
  • Signed paperback copy of Three Way Dance (Brian Rosenberger)
  • Sensitivity Read or poetry critique (Lisa Bradley)
  • Themed packet of jounaling/scrapbooking ephemera (Lisa Bradley)
  • Paperback copy of The Stars in My Eyes (Doug Blakesly)
  • Signed copy of Monsters in my Mind (Ada Hoffmann)
  • Paperback copy of Heavy Metal (Andrew Bourelle)
  • Ebook copy of Faegotten (x 10) (Jude Tulli)
  • Small piece of art (Lynn Hardaker)
  • Mini hand-bound leather journal (Lynn Hardaker)
  • Ebook copy of the Witches of Doyle three book set (Kirsten Weiss)
  • Paperback copy of The Songweaver’s Vow (Laura VAB)
  • Ebook copy of Bait (Laura VAB)
  • Tuckerization — conditions apply (Laura VAB)
  • Custom cross stitch 6″ square or smaller (Jennifer Lee Rossman)

Phew! Those are a lot of Giftmas goodies! Have I interested you in our Christmas Tour yet? Hop over to our Fundraiser Page and check out who the money will go to. Remember all proceeds go directly to the Edmonton Food Bank. While Rhonda has set a goal of 522$ we’d really like to surpass ourselves this year and do more!

Take a look at why all of us have come together for this project this year in this post! 

We all also explain “What we celebrate” in a blog post during the holiday season, since many of the participating authors come from diverse backgrounds and celebrate the season in different ways.

So check it out. I will be sharing links to all the author posts during this tour tomorrow and then welcoming a special someone here on friday, so watch out!

If you would like to participate here’s our rafflecopter link. 

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Have a Wonderful Advent Season All!



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