The Power of the Written Word

  From Shakespeare to Kafka, Plato to Sigmund Freud, Thomas Aquinas  to Yeats, the written word has had the power to change the world. And change the world they did with their wonderful work.  All through a few hundred or thousand choice words. As writers, it's easy to dismiss ourselves as insignificant. It's easy to [...]

Author website – Why it’s necessary for every author?

Why is an author website necessary you ask? Let me tell you exactly why. 🙂 I was blogging for 8 years, the last two being really focused and was getting nowhere. In December 2016, I participated in a Christmas blog tour where authors raised money for the Edmonton Food Bank. Out of the eleven participating [...]

Tips from a Freelance Writer

As you know, I occasionally do take on freelance writing work and after a jolting experience with non-payment last week I woke up to the realities of the freelance writing world. Sure, I knew the rules. After a decade in the business I knew the ins and outs. Yet, I flung all common sense out [...]

Why every author must learn S.E.O?

What is S.E.O? Search Engine Optimization. Like all web analytic studies, when I first learned about S.E.O I was blown away. To be honest, I'm not following my own advice here. I'm not investing the time and money in plugging S.E.O. because I don't have it. But if you're an author who loves the marketing [...]

5 Questions to ask your book designer

I've worked on three book covers this year, "Ten Reminders for the Single Christian Woman," "Cinders of Castlerea" and "Under a Scottish Sky." The last book cover still remains to be done. I've noticed many publishers now work with authors when it comes to book covers for long forms of work, like novellas and novels. [...]

5 Powerful TED Talks for Authors

Last week I tweeted about a TED talk from an author. I absolutely loved the message. Occasionally, I do listen to TED talks for different reasons, inspiration, motivation, learning, fillers when I'm standing in a queue, struggling with writer's block, burnout, etc. And I thought why not share them with you. I'm sure there are [...]