Tracking Author Expenses

Are you tracking your expenses? A few weeks ago I  shared a post on being aware of people scamming authors for money and I didn't realize that not many authors had any idea on what or who they spent money on. Money is one of the reasons authors invest so much into marketing. Let's face [...]

Authors Be Careful with your Money

Money issues, all authors have them. Especially when you're just starting out. Everyone thinks you're making bank when you put out a book without realizing how hard it can be to get all the stuff behind the scenes done, cover work, editing, and then marketing. I recently received an email from a book reviewer raving [...]

QMC 11- A Question about Finance

How do I make money without looting my patients? Dr. V S asked a finance question. "I'm a specialist doctor. I know many doctors charge a bomb as consultant fees. I want to know how do I make money from my practice without looting my patients?" Finance question! Wow! Who doesn't want money? Well to [...]