QMC- 13- The Celebrity Tag & Humility

How do I stop the celebrity tag from getting to my head Dr DL has an unusual question about celebrity tags. "I'm a super-specialist. One of a kind at my institution. I've kind of developed a celebrity status. Nurses make way for me, I'm allowed ahead of the queue at the cafeteria and if I'm [...]

QMC 11- A Question about Finance

How do I make money without looting my patients? Dr. V S asked a finance question. "I'm a specialist doctor. I know many doctors charge a bomb as consultant fees. I want to know how do I make money from my practice without looting my patients?" Finance question! Wow! Who doesn't want money? Well to [...]

Symhealth 2017-Healthcare in a Globalizing world

As you may have seen on social media I was a delegate at Symhealth 2017. It was a conference at Lavale, Pune organized by Symbiosis International University. The theme "Healthcare in a Globalizing world." There was plenty on offer in terms of new and fresh perspectives. So departing from my usual QMC posts I decided to share [...]

QMC 7 What to do if my patient wants to pursue alternative medicine?

Dr SF sent in this question. What to do if my patient wants to pursue alternative medicine? Allopathy is no longer the ONLY succor of the masses. In 2008, approximately 38 percent of adults in the United States aged 18 years and over and nearly 12 percent of U.S. children aged 17 years and under [...]