Edit Better by Reading Aloud

Reading aloud? I hate this step. But bear with me. This week I received physical copies of my book, "Ten Reminders for the Single Christian Woman." My mother started reading it and as is the case, had a number of nits to pick. I settled to read the book myself and gasp. Despite the editor [...]

What I learned from working with four different editors?

Four editors. I've worked with four of them this year for different publishing houses.  You all know that CINDERS OF CASTLEREA, UNDER A SCOTTISH SKY & THE MILANESE STARS are currently undergoing various stages of editing. And I have to say that finding the right editor is gold. The right editor can really make your [...]

How to tackle ‘Revise and Resubmit?’

How do you go about doing a Revise & Resubmit? R & R's or revise and resubmit is what I believe a step up from an outright rejection. It's where an editor/agent/publisher/ reviews your manuscript and thinks it's salvageable if you make changes as per their suggestions. They could be one line suggestions or a [...]