Avoid these mistakes when writing multiple POV

Are you writing your book with multiple POV?  I recently picked up a paranormal romance by a very popular author with an even bigger fan club. I won't name them. However, after reading the first pages of this book published by a big 5 publisher I had to stop. After three chapters and four points [...]

Authors Be Careful with your Money

Money issues, all authors have them. Especially when you're just starting out. Everyone thinks you're making bank when you put out a book without realizing how hard it can be to get all the stuff behind the scenes done, cover work, editing, and then marketing. I recently received an email from a book reviewer raving [...]

Authors are not your competition

I've been coming across lot's of posts on writer's envy and competition. I was quite surprised when I googled writer's envy and found there were 400,000 posts on it. WHAT? 400,000 authors envious of other authors and thousands of authors equally commiserating in the comments section of those posts. Let me admit; yes I've been [...]