Tracking Author Expenses

Are you tracking your expenses? A few weeks ago I  shared a post on being aware of people scamming authors for money and I didn't realize that not many authors had any idea on what or who they spent money on. Money is one of the reasons authors invest so much into marketing. Let's face [...]

Aggressive Authors on Social Media

Social Media is to build people up not tear people down. Today I'm writing about aggressive behavior on social media. I'll be honest with you. I'm not on social media to connect with family and friends. Those guys are on the phone with me ever so often or on my never ending list of "Meet [...]

5 Powerful TED Talks for Authors

Last week I tweeted about a TED talk from an author. I absolutely loved the message. Occasionally, I do listen to TED talks for different reasons, inspiration, motivation, learning, fillers when I'm standing in a queue, struggling with writer's block, burnout, etc. And I thought why not share them with you. I'm sure there are [...]

How to create a print book cover using Createspace?

I received plenty of compliments on my physical book cover. I must say it took quite a bit of trial and error, and I mean more errors than I would like, to get it to look the way it does. I used Createspace's Cover creator, which is a free service provided by Createspace. The cover creator [...]

Fantastic Author Photos -How to?

After my first official author shoot, I must say its not easy. According to me, you need three qualities to photograph well. 1. Good Looks 2. Good Looks and 3. Good Looks. I don't have any of those qualities, so I was quite nervous when I spoke to my photographer Tejaswini Manerikar. She wasn't worried, though. [...]