5 Powerful TED Talks for Authors

Last week I tweeted about a TED talk from an author. I absolutely loved the message. Occasionally, I do listen to TED talks for different reasons, inspiration, motivation, learning, fillers when I'm standing in a queue, struggling with writer's block, burnout, etc. And I thought why not share them with you. I'm sure there are [...]

How to create a print book cover using Createspace?

I received plenty of compliments on my physical book cover. I must say it took quite a bit of trial and error, and I mean more errors than I would like, to get it to look the way it does. I used Createspace's Cover creator, which is a free service provided by Createspace. The cover creator [...]

Fantastic Author Photos -How to?

After my first official author shoot, I must say its not easy. According to me, you need three qualities to photograph well. 1. Good Looks 2. Good Looks and 3. Good Looks. I don't have any of those qualities, so I was quite nervous when I spoke to my photographer Tejaswini Manerikar. She wasn't worried, though. [...]