The Making of “A Raven’s Call”

As you know from my FB posts, my short story will be published in Fun Dead Publication’s “Night in New Orleans” anthology.  New Orleans and ravens are both well known in folklore.


Set for release on April 1st 2017, its all based in the spooky New Orleans, featuring some amazing authors including, Richard Pastor, Jonathan Shipley, Hillary Lyon, Klara Gomez, Ellery D. Margay, Erin Crocker, Pamela Q. Fernandez, DJ Tyrer, Corrine Phillips, Nathan Pettigrew, Cassandra Arnold, Joshua James Jordan, J. Benjamin Sanders Jr., P.L. McMillan, Brian Malachy Quinn, Jonathan D. Nichols, Bret Valdez, Brad P. Christy, and Laurie Moran

Take a look at the cover and you’ll get an idea.


So how did I come to write this story? My story takes place on All Soul’s Day and since my own dad passed away recently, I started to look at this day with a different perspective. I was hurting and struggling. Through the pain I wrote “A Raven’s Call” with tears and heartache. It’s about a father’s love for his son.

I looked for beautiful plantation homes till I found the picture of one that I could set my story against, in St. Tammany’s Parish. I liked plenty, but this one seemed close to my imagination. The lush green of grass and trees. The river somewhere.

Once I found the house, I had the story. I did quite an extensive search on ravens and the rivers in the state. I don’t want to give away too much. What I want you to see, is that a little inspiration goes a long way.

What is your writing inspiration? What sparks your imagination?

Images: Alexa_Fotos CC0 Public Domain


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