Book Trailer: Ten Reminders for the Single Christian Woman & Free Calendar

My Book Trailer is here! I'm sooooo excited. As you can tell, I'm very happy. This weekend, my book trailer got ready. Thanks to Martins Godainis for this awesome trailer. For my new readers, let me tell you. Ten Reminders for the Single Christian Woman will be out on July 6th. This is my second book [...]

QMC-9 Bad Attitude among Doctors

Whoa! Bad attitude among doctors. Hot button issue. I got a question from a very fresh doctor who hasn't become jaded by medicine.  So he had this question. "I notice that many doctors, especially higher up in the hierarchy have very bad attitude. Almost to the point where they assume everyone is their slave. What [...]

Tips to Record your own Audiobook

Today I' m going to share tips on recording your own audio book. Now lots of sites will tell how to record your audio-book. But as I prepared for my own recording and glanced through them, I found that there was little practical advice about the actual recording. I'm no professional artist. Since last week I've [...]


If you've been to listening to our podcasts, then you've heard my tentative release date. My book is out for pre-order, now It's confirmed! July 6, 2017 is our official publication date. I'm so happy, because despite all the obstacles I can see God's hand working behind the scenes. He's led me to the right [...]

QMC 8 – Help, My patient is freaking out over package inserts!

Package insert causing mayhem! Haha. It's weird how this question came in. Dr. MC, says, "My patient was prescribed textbook medications for his condition. He's read the package insert and he's freaking out. How can I convince him that this is what's best for him!" Why is this question weird, you ask? Because as of [...]

Word Count -Why one size does not fit all ideas?

Word count is one of the guidelines when it comes to publishing.  Whether you're querying or pitching your new project, the word count is going to be key in those discussions. But as an author how do you know if a particular idea can be a full novel or a novella? How do you decide [...]