Episode 10- How to Transform Tragedy in our Lives?

Overcoming negative emotions is important. Gordon Grose pastored three congregations 25 years, then served 12 years as a pastoral counselor in a Portland, Oregon counseling clinic. He now serves with Good Samaritan Counseling Services, Beaverton, OR. A graduate of Wheaton College (IL), Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, Brandeis University, and Boston University, he comes from a rich [...]

What I learned from working with four different editors?

Four editors. I've worked with four of them this year for different publishing houses.  You all know that CINDERS OF CASTLEREA, UNDER A SCOTTISH SKY & THE MILANESE STARS are currently undergoing various stages of editing. And I have to say that finding the right editor is gold. The right editor can really make your [...]

QMC-12- Advice to new Interns

"My first day and I went crazy. Any advice?" This question cracked me up because it reminded me of my first day as a clerk. Dr. AG asks, "I just started as an intern and I feel like I don't know anything. the medical students seem to know more than me. My first day and [...]

Authors are not your competition

I've been coming across lot's of posts on writer's envy and competition. I was quite surprised when I googled writer's envy and found there were 400,000 posts on it. WHAT? 400,000 authors envious of other authors and thousands of authors equally commiserating in the comments section of those posts. Let me admit; yes I've been [...]

Happy Pub Day!

Happy Pub Day to me! Ten Reminders for the Single Christian Woman is out in ebook and print.  Yay. As part of our celebrations all week I will  be doing giveaways and guest posts on other sites. If you're aware of a Christian single woman or part of a singles ministry and would love this [...]

Sick-of-your-own-story Syndrome

Are you sick of your own story? It's the bane of writers. You know how it goes. You receive a rejection and you rework the manuscript. Another beta reader suggests something and then you do another edit. An editor kindly looks at the work and another thorough edit follows. If and when the work gets [...]