I’m Back

I’m so sorry if you’ve been checking the website for the last two days. I transferred domains so as painful as it was, it had to be done. Now I’m on a self hosted domain and if anyone is wondering, I transferred from wordpress.com to wordpress.org. I was expecting five days of downtime, but by God’s grace it was about two.  Yay, win.

Hopefully, that’s the last time I  take the website offline. So plenty of good things coming.

  • Night in New Orleans was published on April 1 in ebook and paperback format.
  • Ten Reminders for the Single Christian Woman is out for pre-order. Now I have to get the book trailer made and I’m all excited.
  • I’m working on the next podcast for May on fellowship. It’s going to be awesome.  You will notice that I’ve put pictures of all our guests so you can now connect the voices with a face.
  • Keep your questions coming in for QMC and I’ll be happy to answer them. Right now, I’ve got a couple that are kinda related to what I’ve already written.

Get in touch with me if you have any comments or feedback. I’d love to hear from you. Moreover, do like us on social media and soundcloud and share the podcasts or written content with someone who might find it useful.




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