The Fearful Author

“Everything you want is on the other side of Fear” Jack Canfield

Authors are fearful of may things. We fear the editor, the reviews, the reviewers, the readers, the market. I even fear the speaker on my podcast. There are times when my heart is galloping away before I first say hello to my speaker. I’m filled with fear.

Why are we afraid?

Overcome your Fear

Overcome your Fear

Better yet, how do I cope?

Just do It

Nike has this amazing tagline and I believe one way to conquer fear is to just do it. Do what makes you fearful. When I’m scared of my editor, I just get the edit done, if I’m scared of doing the podcast, I take a deep breath and make the call. Just do what you have to do.

Realize we’re all only human

If fear of feedback or criticism is paralyzing your writing, don’t let it. Remind yourself that the people reading your work are as human as you are. They’re not of a more divine species or different. They’re like you. Human. Only human.

Failure and Success are Related

Don’t fear failure. Without failing you will not value your success. Yes, it will take time. It took me three years before my writing was deemed good enough for publication. It meant hours and pages of writing words on and on and not letting the fear of failure to quit.

Your’re not CompetingĀ 

Authors fear their peers. It’s easy to fear other writers but there’s no need. No one can write your words or your story. When you fear your peers start reading their work and learning from them instead.

Be Secure in what you you do

We all feel inadequate and insecure about aspects our writing. I write rubbish, no one wants to read my work, I have nothing interesting to say and all these self depreciating thoughts come over us. But you have to be secure as a writer. I can write, I do tell interesting stories and my words are powerful.

All of us fear something. As an author this fear can keep us from writing or getting the story down. It’s an issue that takes on many names and later we use it as a crutch to keep from writing. Is fear over ruling you? Identify that fear and try one of the above steps. Or pick up Feel the Fear and Do it Anway by Susan Jeffers, Ph. D.

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