Thank You Patrons! 1089$

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! We raised 1089$ for this year's Giftmas tour 2017. It was such a blessing to see so many generous donors for the Edmonton Food Bank. Christmas will be brighter for all those who will receive aid from the Edmonton Food Bank. This year with all the support they will [...]

Guest Post: Fantasy Author Stephanie A. Cain

Drum Roll Please. Fantasy author Stephanie Cain is here. I promised a special someone for our blog tour and here she is. Stephanie A. Cain writes epic & urban fantasy novels. She grew up in Indiana, where much of her urban fantasy is set, but dreams of living somewhere without winter. She works at a [...]

Giftmas 2017 Tour Edmonton Food Bank

Giftmas! Yes, I'm back this year with a Christmas Tour with lots of goodies! Last year I participated in the 2016 Giftmas Tour arranged by renowned Canadian editor Rhonda Parrish. WE raised 500$ back then for those affected by the fires in Canada and it made me feel so happy. Last year there were few [...]

How I completed 3 manuscripts with Nanowrimo!

Nanowrimo 2017 has just ended. And for the first time in four years managed to hit the 50K mark. For those unaware, Nanowrimo is National Novel Writing Month. Usually I have a plan when it comes to Nanowrimo. I've either outlined a plot or I have an idea and try to build the story. That's [...]

Goodreads Giveaway Gift

It's the season of giveaways & gifts! And I'm happy to announce a Christmas gift in the form of a new giveaway for Cinders of Castlerea on Goodreads. It starts on Dec 1, 2017 and will go on till the end of the month. You heard that right! An entire month so you can sign [...]

Tracking Author Expenses

Are you tracking your expenses? A few weeks ago I  shared a post on being aware of people scamming authors for money and I didn't realize that not many authors had any idea on what or who they spent money on. Money is one of the reasons authors invest so much into marketing. Let's face [...]